• Our Products


Our Products
  • Off Road Vehicles

    The armoring of SUV is designed to resist rough terrains and maintain the original power and performance of the vehicle in spite of the added weight of protection features.

  • Luxury Sedans

    The Octagon Invest’s expertise extends to the personal defense of the passengers by armoring VIP sedans. Specialized designers and engineers disguise the deluxe interior behind the seemingly ordinary. The outcome of this intensive work is a comfortable vehicle to ride with confidence and security.

  • Freight Trucks

    Specialized armored designs have been made available for freight trucks to protect cargo envoys from any subsequent ambush, bombs, attacks  and assaults whilst operating in hostile regions

  • Cash in transit

    Octagon Invest provides a complete and comprehensive range of money transporters  built to meet every day’s requirements for any given geographical region of operation. Octagon Invest caters for each independent vehicle according to its design and its individual operating procedure by presenting custom options and mobile security solutions, emergency escape hatches and multiple gun ports to protect the occupants and the valuable goods in transit.

  • Oil and Gas Industry

    Vehicles armored by Octagon can defeat threats under a wide range of circumstances, especially in a world where the gas and oil industries are in a constant dilemma.

  • Paramedical Help Vehicles

    In an unstable world where human life is constantly at risk, Octagon Invest dedicates itself to that cause by armoring paramedical vehicles to ensure the protection of the lives of victims as well as paramedics.

  • Transportation: SPECIAL PROJECT: OB Vans

    Communication being the major asset and liability in today’s world, TV networks rush into high risk zones to cover the recent events. In its mission to support all industries, Octagon Invest designed and built the Outside Broadcast Vehicle for a large TV network, working closely on all the details of armoring while following the high technical guidelines to equip the OB Van with state of the art broadcasting technology.

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