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  • Fire extinguisher system it consists of a pressurized container holding non-toxic fire suppression foam and various types of piping and foam outlets. The system can be either electrically or mechanically operated.
  • Intercom system This system facilitates the communication between the passenger and the driver in the presence of partition. It can also be used for internal- external communication at any given check point.
  • Siren It can be a multi tone system
  • Maintenance free batteries This type of batteries is manufactured using specialized internal product therefore avoiding acid spillage.
  • Bull bar Front and rear bumpers can be strengthened to enhance the vehicle protection level
  • Window actuator Enables the windows to be opened and closed automatically after BRG is installed.
  • Strobe lighting it is fitted to a vehicle as a visual warning to other road users
  • Upgraded entertainment system like TV & DVD screens, special radio systems…
  • Customized luxurious internal finishing upholstery modification and trimming
  • External camera system
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